This endpoint can be used to generate a video featuring a stock or custom digital actor.

Request Body

actorIdType: string

The unique identifier for your digital actor (eg., 7528735effb7cde8cd5474dc110905c2).
voiceIdType: string

The unique identifier for the voice to be paired with your digital actor (eg., b2c11ebef1e47591f75bceef56635435).

Only the voiceId OR language parameter can be sent per request.
languageType: string

The unique language code to be applied to the selected avatar (eg., en-US or es-MX).

Providing a language code will select the default voice associated with that particular language/country. A list of supported language codes can be found here.

Only the voiceId OR language parameter can be sent per request.
scriptType: string

Text script to generate a text-to-video performance from your digital actor. Pipio supports text from over 80 different languages. Text scripts are limited to 5,000 characters per clip.
fpsType: int

The frame rate of the video (30 or 60)

Default: 60
transparentType: boolean

Describes whether the final video has a transparent background.

Default: false
callbackUrlType: string

This parameter represents the location the server will send the response to.



The unique identifier for the video asset.
accountIdType: string

The unique identifier associated with your Pipio account.
statusType: string

The status of the video render:
Pending (The video is currently rendering)
Completed (The video render was successful)
Failure (An error occurred when rendering video).
creditCostType: int

The number of video credits debited from your account.
estimatedCompleteDateType: string

Estimated date/time to completion for the video render.
createdDateType: string

Timestamp of when the video finished rendering.
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