This endpoint can be used to return a list of available custom and stock digital actors.


idType: string

The unique identifier for the digital actor.
nameType: string

Name of the stock or custom digital actor. If this is a custom digital actor, this will be the name you assigned at the time of purchase.
genderType: string

The gender assigned to the digital actor (male, female or unspecified).
headshotImagePathType: string

A URL to a smaller image (PNG) of the digital actor (360 × 288)
thumbnailImagePathType: string

A URL to a larger image (PNG) of the digital actor (1350 × 1080)
customType: boolean

Describes whether the digital actor is a Pipio stock digital actor or a custom digital actor specific to your account.

Default: false
previewVideoPathType: string

URL to a preview video file (MP4) of the digital actor.
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